Hi!  My name is Carey Ruhl and this is my empire!

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 I create apparel, household and general surface design (patterns) to enliven your kingdom.

Please contact me if you are interested in licensing my designs.

Check out my blog, ‘Here I Am.’ for musing about life and pattern design.

When I am not creating designs I love upcycling clothing, reading and acting.


Carey Ruhl

empireruhls at gmail.com

PS 1-3% of my profits go to charity including Life is on Your Side, S.M.A.R.T. and OPB.

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*Artist’s Statement*       

I love surface/fabric design as the intersection of art and everyday life.  Art on your pillows or cell phone case or t-shirt is a way of expressing yourself to the world without having to say a word.  Sometimes the patterns and images that we are attracted to evoke a need yet to be expressed or a side of our personality we keep under wraps.  I want to give people a way to express that.  I love texture and color. I wish for my designs to be textured and visually interesting, sometimes with a bit of humor, thus expressing myself fully as an artist.