Links I Like

Fabric/Surface/Pattern Design Resources:

Tara Reed – ‘The place for artist to learn how to earn an income licensing thier art’  I took a one day seminar with Tara and I can heartily recommend her products!

Pattern Observer– A wonderful website with really great e-courses, that I have personally been through and highly recommend!

Jessica Swift – ‘Magically uplifting artworks and other delights’ – check out her ‘Trust, Jump, Repeat’ e-book!


ID1 Clothing -‘find things dreams make’ From my talented friend Jayson Potter.

Plum Deluxe – ‘Our mission is to share all the little ways today can be celebrated.’

 My ‘Gentle Recommendations’ Amazon Store

*Please note there are some affiliate links on this page.  I would rather make some money with products I believe in, instead of random ads.